Stop Podcasting Yourself
Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.

No guest this week as we talk about '80s monsters, human goths, and Riverdale.

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Comedian Tom Thakkar joins us to talk name changing, baby holding, and dime having.

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Scott Thompson of the Kids in the Hall joins us to talk robotic/exotic pets, punk rock, and hair texture.

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Comedian Kathleen McGee returns to talk swinger parties, salt fights, and sex robots.

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Comedian Mark Little returns to talk impossible missions, the new baby, and Canadian music icons.

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Comedian Christina Walkinshaw returns to talk about a certain type of puppetry, boring dreams, phone speaker etiquette.

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Comedian Nicole Passmore returns to talk karaoke songs, baby sizes, and pies in faces.

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Comedian Pete Johansson joins us to talk Starbucks, gingerbread, and typing speed.

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