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Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.

Alicia Tobin returns for our Christmas episode in which we talk about our top Christmas movies and foods, Alicia's fractured shoulder, and then exchange gifts. Also, we're the worst.

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No guest this week as we talk Paul McCartney, plays, and Graham's waxing commercial.

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Comedian Kurt Braunohler joins us to talk about the world's largest truck stop, western movies, and prank videos.

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Warren Bates returns to talk fast food promotional cups, communal dining, and Graham's dumb art project.

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Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk about how people ask each other out on dates, Dave's mustache, and Magic Mike.

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Improviser and former spokesman Ryan Beil returns to talk about single-A baseball, donkey riding, and Graham's weird commercial.

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Conor Holler returns to talk about pizza shame, bomb scares, and hospitals.

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Improviser Jayden Pfeifer returns to talk about local listings, celebrity sightings, and Graham's good deeds.

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Actor/writer/producer Sarah Szloboda joins us to talk theatre superstitions, public bathing, and scouting. And we count down the top ten Macaulay Culkin movies.

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Comedian Myq Kaplan joins us to talk about raw food, fillings, and complimenting strangers. And yeah, puns.

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