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Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.
Scott Simpson of You Look Nice Today joins us to talk about fantasizing, Rockettes, and DeLoreans.
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Alicia Tobin returns for our Holiday Extravaganza. We donate in one another's names to celebrity charities, and we are visited by three ghosts... by which I mean guests: Bita Joudaki, Kaitlin Fontana, and The Knights Of The Night.
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Emmett Hall returns to talk about partying, the apocalypse, and the self-checkout line.
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Dave and Graham are all alone and choose to badmouth Germans and go goo-goo for GaGa.
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Morgan Brayton returns to talk theatre, Rainn Wilson, and hill people.
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Comedian and Debaters host Steve Patterson joins us to talk energy drinks, Gowan, and motivational speaking.
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Comedian Mike Paterson joins us to talk about Quebec, tribute bands, and wrestling.  Then we come up with stage names for ourselves.
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Paul Anthony returns to talk about Canadian showbiz, TGIF, and Joan Rivers.  Also, we rank the teen heart-throbs.
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Conor Holler of Bronx Cheer returns to talk Halloween, racism in wrestling, and taste test some jellybeans.
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Graham's off his deathbed and we're back to talk about moving, cologne, and debut Dave & Graham's Favourite Things.
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